Top 5 Best Oil Filter for 6.7 Powerstroke

If you have a 6.7L PowerStroke diesel engine, then you know that it’s important to use the best oil filter possible. Not all oil filters are created equal, and using a cheap filter can actually do more harm than good. In this blog post, we will discuss the best oil filters for the 6.7L PowerStroke diesel engine. We’ll talk about what to look for when choosing an oil filter, and we’ll recommend some of our favorite filters for this engine. Stay tuned!

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Best Overall
K&N Premium Oil Filter for 6.7 PowerStroke
Ford Motorcraft Oil Filter for 6.7 Powerstroke
WIX XP Oil Filter
FL2051S iFJF Oil Filter
Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter for 6.7 PowerStroke

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K&N Premium Oil Filter for 6.7 PowerStroke Engine

K&N Premium Oil Filter for 6.7 PowerStroke Engine

The K&N Premium Oil Filter is the best oil filter for the Ford PowerStroke 6.7 diesel engine. It features high-quality construction and a pleated media design that helps to trap more contaminants. Plus, it has a large filtration area that helps to reduce clogging and improve performance.

This oil filter also features an anti-drain-back valve that helps keep oil in the filter when the engine is turned off, which can help extend the life of your engine. And, it’s easy to install and can be used with both synthetic and mineral oils.

If you’re looking for an excellent oil filter for your Ford PowerStroke 6.7 diesel engine, then the K&N Premium Oil Filter is definitely worth considering.

Wrench-Off Oil Filters

K&N Premium Wrench-Off Oil Filters are specially designed for high durability and high flow rates in extreme conditions. Each oil filter comes with a hex nut welded to the top of the canister so it can be easily wrenched off with a standard tool. An Anti-drain back valve (where applicable) keeps oil in the engine to help prevent dry starts and rolled threads help prevent stripping and give a smoother installation.


– High-quality construction,

– Pleated media design traps more contaminants,

– Large filtration area reduces clogging and improves performance,

– Anti-drain-back valve keeps oil in the filter when the engine is turned off.


– N/A

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How often should I replace the oil filter in the 6.7 PowerStroke engine?


The oil filter in the PowerStroke 6.7 engine should be changed every time you change your oil. This is also a good chance to make sure there isn’t any debris stuck within the housing and that it still has a tight seal on its gasket. Generally, with modern synthetic oils, you can go around 8000 miles before needing an oil change but refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for specific recommendations regarding your particular model year or truck type. If using conventional diesel motor oil such then you should replace it at 5000 miles per the instructions on that product label.

If you’ve been using diesel motor oil that contains a high level of ash and soot then the filter should be changed more frequently, perhaps every 4000 miles. In addition to this, if it’s very cold where you live or your PowerStroke 6.7 engine is working harder than normal (pulling heavy loads up long steep hills) then consider changing even more frequently at 3000-mile intervals. Dirty filters can cause far worse problems for your vehicle than just getting clogged with debris over time so pay close attention to them when doing maintenance on a regular basis.

How to change oil filter in 6.7 PowerStroke step-by-step:


Step One: Open the hood of your truck and locate the oil filter. It is located on the passenger side of the engine, near the front.

Step Two: Use a socket wrench to unscrew the old oil filter. Be careful not to drop it or let any oil spill out.

Step Three: Clean off any old gasket material from both the filter housing and mating surface on the engine. You can use a scraper or wire brush for this step.

Step Four: Apply a thin layer of clean motor oil to the new o-ring seal on the replacement filter. This will help it form a better seal when installed.

Step Five: Screw on the new oil filter until it is finger-tight. Do not overtighten it or you could strip the threads and damage the housing.

Step Six: After changing your oil filter, take a few minutes to check for leaks around the new seal. If you see any signs of a leak, recheck your work and ensure that all fittings are properly tightened.

If you have done everything correctly up to this point, there should be no issues with leaking from your truck’s engine block after installing a new oil filter!

The last step is to fill up the reservoir with fresh motor oil!

Types of oil filters for 6.7 PowerStroke Diesel Engines


Oil filters are designed to trap contaminants, dirt, and debris that can damage the engine. There are two main types of oil filters for your PowerStroke 6.7 diesel:

  • a spin-on filter, which is made from steel or aluminum,
  • and a cartridge type filter that is typically made from plastic.

With a spin-on oil filter, you simply screw on the top of an old cartridge and then put in your new one. A few things about this system though: The containment vessel for holding used oil must be built into the housing itself because it’s not as simple to remove just part of it as you would with other types such as those found on cars or trucks with internal combustion engines (eICE) which have a spin-on filter on the engine itself.

The other downside to a spin-on oil filter is that there’s more opportunity for leaks since it screws onto an open end.

A cartridge-type oil filter is easy to install and remove; simply twist off the old one and twist on the new one. These filters usually have an O-ring seal which ensures a leak-free connection.

Which type of oil filter you choose is ultimately up to you, but if you’re looking for something that will last a long time and be easy to replace, then go with the cartridge type.

Best oil filter for 6.7 PowerStroke Diesel

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K&N Premium Oil Filter for 6.7 PowerStroke

K&N Premium Oil Filter for 6.7 PowerStroke
K&N premium oil filters are meticulously engineered to offer outstanding filtration and engine protection. The heavy-duty canister is engineered to be exceptionally durable, and a one-inch welded hex nut can be used for quick and easy filter removal. Each filter is specifically designed to withstand the service intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers and is protected by the K&N 1-Year Limited Warranty.
Technical Specifications:
Brand: K&N
Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sturdy 1-inch Welded Nut on Canister for Easy Removal
Heavy-Duty Construction
High Flow Rates and Outstanding Filtration Efficiency
Great for Use with Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oils

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Ford Motorcraft Oil Filter for 6.7 Powerstroke

Ford Motorcraft Oil Filter for 6.7 Powerstroke
The Motorcraft oil filter for the PowerStroke 6.7 engine is a high-quality, OEM-style filter that is designed to fit your truck perfectly. It features an exclusive filtration media that helps remove more contaminants from your engine oil than other filters on the market. This filter also has a built-in bypass valve that helps prevent damage to your engine in the event of a clog.
Technical Specifications:
Brand: Motorcraft
Leading Manufacturer Of High-Quality Products
Fully Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Technology
Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Low cost,
OEM-style filter that fits perfectly in your engine bay,
Built-in bypass valve prevents damage to the engine if there is ever a clog.
Doesn’t have a reusable, metal canister like other filters on this list.
Can cause your oil pressure gauge to read low when using synthetic oils because of its smaller diameter canister.

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WIX XP Oil Filter

 WIX XP Oil Filter
WIX XP Oil Filters provide robust engine protection when using synthetic motor oil for harsh driving conditions such as towing, extreme idle time, lower gear mountainous climbs, long periods at highway speeds. WIX XP filters are recommended for OEM oil and filter change intervals, typically 3,750 to 10,000 miles. This filter traps up to 100% more dirt and contaminants to resist premature plugging due to oil breakdown. Fully synthetic media withstands harsh oil temperatures and conditions. A specifically formulated HNBR gasket provides an excellent seal during extreme cold engine starts and resists hardening under elevated oil temperatures. When applicable, WIX XP silicone anti-drain back valve protects against dry starts past the traditional filter change interval.
Technical Specifications:
Brand: WIX
Country of Origin: United States
Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
The filter has a synthetic media that allows for superior filtration and efficiency.
Silicone adbv to promote positive sealing, low torque requirements.
Filter is constructed with full metal base plates and end caps which provide exceptional strength under high pressure conditions compared to some filters that have plastic components in their design. This makes it more durable than the other oil filters on this list!
Price is higher than K&N Premium Oil Filters (but still affordable) when compared by weight or volume because of its size.

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FL2051S iFJF Oil Filter

 FL2051S iFJF Oil Filter
The iFJF FL2051S oil filter for the PowerStroke is a well-built, high-quality product that will last you years. The design of this filter allows it to hold more contaminants than other filters on the market. It has an anti-drain-back valve that keeps your engine lubricated during start-up and prevents dry starts. This oil filter also has a bypass valve in order to protect your engine if there isn't enough oil pressure present when starting it up in cold weather conditions (when viscosity is higher). Overall, this is one of the best filters available for any diesel engine application due to its superior build quality and low price point!
Technical Specifications:
Brand: iFJF
Vehicle Service Type: Truck
Steel cases are "ironed" for a precise fit.
Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
High quality materials and construction.
Anti drainback valve prevents dry starts in cold weather conditions.
Bypass valve protects your engine if there isn't enough oil pressure present when starting it up cold weather conditions (when viscosity is higher).
Not all parts are made by iFJF, some third party manufacturers make the other components of this product.

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Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter for 6.7 PowerStroke

 Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter for 6.7 PowerStroke
With the rising cost of fuel, parts, and labor, it’s no wonder today’s driver is looking for ways to extend vehicle service intervals. Fortunately, this can offer a solution to help customers minimize the risk of extended oil drains without compromising vehicle performance and protect the bottom line at the same time. The Mobil 1 Extended Performance (M1EP) filter line’s proprietary design traps and holds more dirt than the leading brand. The offering now includes both spin-on and cartridge oil filters, providing over 97 percent Vehicles in Operation (VIO) coverage. M1EP filters can be used with any motor oil.
Technical Specifications:
Brand: Mobil 1
Material: Silicone
Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Mobil One Extended Performance Oil Filter is designed to last up to 25,000 miles between changes.
It has a 99.99% efficiency rating.
This filter is also capable of trapping and holding more contaminants than other filters on the market.
The Mobil One Extended Performance Oil Filter is one of the most expensive oil filters on the market.

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Why does Oil Filter for the 6.7 PowerStroke Engine need to be replaced?


The oil filter plays a very important role in the life of your engine, and therefore it is best to regularly replace the filter. The purpose of an oil filter is to remove contaminants from engine lubrication fluid as it circulates through the components of an internal combustion engine. Most cars have one or more filters that cleanse fluids directly before they reach vital parts like brakes and transmissions, but also for engines themselves as well. Without proper filtration, dirt can build up over time causing sludge which could lead to clogging and eventual failure resulting in costly repairs down the road if not addressed quickly enough.

The oil filter is one of the most important components in a vehicle’s engine, but it also gets dirty quickly. It works to remove dirt and debris from your motor oil so that you can continue driving without any problems with sludge buildup or clogging issues causing critical failures down the road. A high-quality replacement part will ensure proper lubrication for your engine while increasing performance levels as well! With this guide, we hope to provide some guidance on choosing an appropriate filter type based upon application needs along with recommendations of specific brands/models available online today at very reasonable prices too.

How to choose an Oil filter For PowerStroke 6.7?


There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing the best oil filter for your PowerStroke 6.7 diesel engine. The type of filter, the size of the filter, and the brand of the filter are all important considerations.

The most important factor is the type of filter. There are two types of filters: cartridge filters and spin-on filters. Cartridge filters have a cylindrical shape and fit into housing on top of the engine. Spin-on filters are round and screw onto the end of the engine’s oil outlet.

Cartridge filters offer more filtration area than spin-on filters, so they tend to be better at capturing particles in the oil. However, spin-on filters are easier to install and remove.

The size of the filter is also important. The oil filter should be large enough to capture all the particles in the oil, but not so large that it restricts the flow of oil. Most filters are between two and four inches in diameter.

Finally, you need to consider the brand of the filter. Some brands are better than others at capturing particles in the oil. You should choose a filter that meets or exceeds the specifications of your engine’s manufacturer.

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