2016 Honda Odyssey Oil Change

The Honda Odyssey is one of the most popular minivans on the market today. While it has a reputation for being reliable and well-built, there are still some maintenance tasks that need to be performed regularly in order to ensure that your vehicle lasts you as long as possible. One of these routine tasks is an oil change. Whether or not you’ve ever changed the oil before, this blog post will walk you through everything you need to know about how to change the oil in your 2016 Honda Odyssey!


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2016 Honda Odyssey Oil Type



Many people think that it doesn’t matter what kind of oil you put in your car, but this is not true. Using the wrong type can actually damage your engine over time if used frequently. If you are wondering whether or not to use synthetic oil for example, please refer to our blog post on “What Type of Oil Should I Use?”


Honda recommends using the oil “Genuine Honda Motor Oil” or Premium-grade of viscosity SAE 0W-20 detergent oil with an API Certification Seal on the container.

This will provide the best protection for your engine and keep it running smoothly for many miles to come. Be sure to only use this type of oil in your car, as other oils may not be compatible and could cause damage.

You may also use synthetic motor oil if it is labeled with the API Certification Seal and is the specified viscosity grade.


The oil capacity including filter is 4.5 quarts (4.5 liters), whereas,  without a filter is 4.2 quarts (4.0 liters).


Motor oil must meet certain specifications in order to be used in your car. The most important of these is the viscosity, or thickness, of the oil. A lower viscosity means that the oil will flow more easily at colder temperatures, which is why we recommend using synthetic 0W-20 oil. Other specifications that you should look for when choosing motor oil include:

-API Service SJ/SL/SM

-ACEA A01/B02


For a 2016 Honda Odyssey, we recommend using 0W-20 synthetic oil meeting the API Service SJ/SL/SM specification as provides superior protection against wear and tear.

You can use oil from this list of brands to change your engine oil in the 2016 Honda Odyssey:





-Royal Purple.

2016 Honda Odyssey Oil Change Intervals


The 2016 Honda Odyssey has a recommended oil change interval of every ten thousand miles or twelve months, whichever comes first. The minivan holds five quarts of oil for your convenience.

Oil is the lifeblood of any car’s engine and needs to be changed regularly in order to maintain optimal performance levels. Changing out your old dirty motor oil with fresh new stuff will help keep everything running smoothly inside your vehicle year after year! Replacing an oil filter can also increase MPG while protecting vital engine parts from damage due to worn-down lubrication fluid over time. How often should I replace my Oil Filter? This depends on how much you drive but we recommend changing it at least once per year when doing an overall tuneup service like this one that includes an oil change.

Best Oil for 2016 Honda Odyssey

The type of oil you use for your car is incredibly important. You want to find an oil that will protect your engine and keep it running smoothly. There are a lot of different types of oils on the market, so how do you know which one is right for your 2016 Honda Odyssey?

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best oil for your car:

-Choose an oil that meets or exceeds the requirements of your car’s manufacturer.

-Look for oils that are labeled as “full synthetic” or “high performance.”

-Avoid using conventional petroleum-based oils, as they can damage your engine over time.

Following these steps should help you choose the right oil for your 2016 Honda Odyssey and keep your engine running smoothly for years to come!

Oil (By Manufacturer) – Honda recommends using “Honda Genuine Full Synthetic Motor Oil” SAE 0W-20.

Honda recommended Oil for 2016 Honda Odyssey

Oil (Our Choice) – Royal Purple API-Licensed SAE 0W-20 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil. Royal Purple’s API-licensed Motor Oil combines premium base oils with proprietary additive technologies to create high-performance motor oils that optimize engine performance. Royal Purple’s API-licensed motor oil delivers superior protection and improves performance in gasoline and diesel engines. Royal Purple’s API-licensed SN motor oil meets ILSAC GF-5 and Dexos1 performance requirements. No special procedures are necessary when upgrading to Royal Purple.

Oil Filter (By Manufacturer) – Honda recommends using oil filter for the 2018 Honda Pilot a high-quality Honda Genuine Oil Filter. This will help keep your engine running smoothly and protect it from harmful particles. When choosing an oil filter, always make sure to get one that is specific to your vehicle’s make and model.

Best Oil Filter for 2016 Honda Odyssey

How to Change Oil By Yourself – Step by Step

If you have a 2016 Honda Odyssey and are looking to change the oil by yourself, this is the perfect guide for you. In this article, we will show you how to do it step-by-step.

In order to change the oil in your 2016 Honda Odyssey, you will need:

  • an oil filter wrench,
  • a ratchet set with an extension,
  • sockets in sizes: 17mm, 14mm, and 12mm,
  • new motor oil (amount depends on your vehicle),
  • funnel,
  • rags or paper towels.



Now, park your Odyssey on a level surface and put it in the park. If you are doing the work on your own, set the emergency brake. Loosen the lug nuts on the wheels with the socket wrench before jacking up the car. Raise it until the wheel is off of the ground.



The second step is to remove the engine cover. There are two bolts at the front of the cover that needs to be removed. The cover can then be lifted off and set aside.

The next step is to remove the oil filler cap. This can be done by turning it counterclockwise.

The next step is to loosen the drain plug. This can be done with a ratchet set and extension, or a socket wrench.



Once it’s loosened, let the old oil drain out into a pan or container. Be sure to have a rag or paper towel handy to clean up any spills.



Once the oil has drained completely, reinstall the drain plug and tighten it using your ratchet set or socket wrench. Make sure that it is tight so that no leaks occur when you start driving again.



Now it’s time to remove the old oil filter. This can be done with an oil filter wrench. Be careful not to damage the filter when removing it, as you will need to reuse it.

Once the old oil filter is removed, install the new one by screwing it on clockwise. If it’s too tight, use a strap wrench to get a good grip.



Now it’s time to add the new motor oil. You will need to check your owner’s manual to see how much oil your vehicle needs. Pour the oil into the engine through the fill hole, being careful not to overfill.

Once you have added all of the required amounts of oil, replace everything in place. Be sure to dispose of your old oil properly at a local recycling center.

And you’re all done!

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